About us

Spreewunder is a Berlin-based Fraunhofer Spin-Off.

As former scientists, we are used to tackle uncommon tech challenges and are passionate about pushing the limits of web development. We specialize in solving data protection, data security and privacy issues while simultaneously enhancing portability and facilitating collaboration in distributed teams.

Using our Cloudless technology, we are able to develop web applications, which handle the most sensitive data even in offline scenarios and under the most demanding collaboration requirements.

Video conference toolbox

Spreewunder offers custom video and conferencing solutions based on a modular toolkit.
Most general-purpose video conferencing solutions don’t fit the specific requirements of specialized business processes. Professionals have different needs for their video applications:

  • Meetings are pre-scheduled or ad-hoc walk-in rooms?
  • Do I want other peoples to be able to call me any time they want?
  • Do users need authentication (via public or corporate identity provider) or can anyone join a meeting anonymously?
  • Do anonymous users have to knock before entering a room? Who will let them in?
  • Is the conference for 4 people or for a classroom of 40? Is anyone in the same role or limited in their engagement?
  • Do I need screen sharing, virtual white boards, file exchange?
  • What are the technical performance requirements for my video conference?
  • What about security and data protection? Is it ok to share my video, audio, and other meeting content with cloud services or do I need encrypted true peer-to-peer communication?
Spreewunder offers a solution for all variations of different requirements. Using our modular video toolbox with reusable components, we can tailor a custom solution that is designed for your specific needs. And we can do this fast and with a reasonable project budget.

In a current project, we used our know-how and technology to develop a video consultation app for psychotherapist and medical practitioners that implement the strict German regulations and certification criteria of the Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung (KBV). We could reduce development time to only a couple of weeks in order to quickly provide means of safe video communication to doctors and therapists fighting the current COVID-19 pandemic. The application is available via Epikur Software.

We will also be publishing a similar video conferencing application that meets the same KBV security and data protection requirements for pharmacists, attorneys, tax accountants, and financial auditors in the next week. The application will be available for customization.

In addition to plug-in USB-cameras or cameras integrated into mobile devices or notebooks, our video toolkit also supports professional security cameras that are compliant to the ONVIF standard. Based on these components, we offer a professional and highly customizable video surveillance application, which also features video recording, pre-recording loops, motion detection, and mqtt alarm events. For grocery stores, supermarkets and logistics centers, our solution is available via ADECK Systems, who also provide deployment and maintenance services.


Cloudless is a software framework dedicated at facilitating the development of Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Easily integrated it speeds up the development process by solving typical issues of Progressive Web Apps while simultaneously offering mission critical features for secure, portable and enterprise ready applications.

Cloudless logo


Cloudless Peer-2-Peer Sync

Cloudless synchronizes applications across multiple workstations using fully encrypted Peer-2-peer channels. Cloudless P2P-Sync does not require a central server, and works locally even when the Internet connection fails.

Multilevel Database Integration

Cloudless integrates an in-browser and in-memory databases with a backup-service database to be able to handle vast amounts of data in a fast, secure and reliable way.

Offline Capability

Typical Software-as-a-Service solutions fail, when the Internet connection aborts. Unlike those typical solutions, Cloudless powered applications stay operational even when the user is offline.

Cloudless Crypto Module

Cloudless encrypts all data as soon as it leaves the devices memory, thus ensuring data security and privacy even in public cloud scenarios.

Use Cases

Field workers

Apps for field workers

Any field worker needs smooth synchronization of his work with the company’s server. Internet connections are usually sufficient in densely populated areas. However, they fail easily while travelling, inside of thicker house walls or in remote areas. Failing Internet connections or low data rates then lead to slow app start-times, low response rates, function or even data loss, thus decreasing productivity. Cloudless’ offline capabilities and Peer-2-Peer synchronization solve those problems for web-based enterprise applications even for local teams.

Cloudless thus boosts productivity and service reliability for field worker in every branch.


Sensitive data handling

Data protection, data security or privacy concerns may have the most different reasons. While professions like lawyers, tax advisers, doctors or psychiatrists have to protect their customer’s interests by protection their data, companies have to go a step further and even prevent internal leakage to protect intellectual assets, avoid insider trading or violations of reporting obligations. Cloudless encrypts all data outside of the memory of an authorised device and thus helps to handle sensitive data. In maximum-security mode, Cloudless can even prevent attacks from insider threads within the companies own IT-department, while still facilitating data access for those authorised.

Executive Team

Dr. Felix Waterstraat


Felix is co-founder and CEO of Spreewunder. He is an entrepreneur and technology enthusiast.


Spreewunder GmbH
Rosenthaler Straße 40/41
10178 Berlin